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  It is Our Responsibility to * Care   * Love   & Protect Children... Join Us!

New Hope New Winners Foundation (NHNWF) is a new foundation, the idea of which was conceived back in 2013 out of a vision that our children are the new hopes and new winners of the Tanzanian society and that the public and its institutions are obliged to commit financial, expertise and human resources towards the welfare of our children, especially the disadvantaged children.

  New Hope New Winner Foundation (NHNWF) believes that our children and youths are the new hopes and new winners of our society.
  To mould an exemplary healthy, stable and progressive nation, our society needs to invest in its youths and children, especially socially excluded children and youths in the streets and homes who suffer from psychological problems.
  NHNWF mobilizes resources from the public and institutions to support children and youths inherit and effectively manage massive wealth available in this country.


By contributing to NHNWF, you make it possible for us to reach out to homeless, socially excluded children and youths. Your contributions can be in the form of technical support such as training of NHNWF service providers or financial grants and awards or even provision of materials that will contribute to the social welfare of children and youths.

God instructs that giving is better than receiving and that in giving one receives more.


Individuals, families, communities and local institutions and structures are the cornerstones of the NHNWF programs and projects. We initiate and facilitate public private partnership (PPP) approaches that commit the different and various capabilities and resources of the cornerstones to support the children and youths manage their destinies

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